Who We Are

DInnovum is strategic advisors and premier global provider in Big Data and Analytics to Fortune 1000 business and technology executives and industry leaders. DInnovum understands the technical elements crucial to facilities and provides strategic insights to help clients in achieving their key business objectives.

Data is at the heart of every business and one of its most important assets. Data-in-motion and data-at-rest. Data that is real time, predictive, streaming, structured, unstructured, mission-critical and everything in between.

“The availability of data, a new generation of technology, and a cultural shift toward data-driven decision making continue to drive demand for big data and analytics technology and services”.
DInnovum mission is to help business and leaders in technology, commercial, public and social sectors to evolve into data and analytics driven ecosystems, establish a culture that values and rewards and also contribute to effective decision making and critical management; and transforming economies as a whole.

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