What we do

– Unique advisory solutions span across multiple industries and geographies
– Client and customer driven approach based on techno-commercial and cutting-edge insights
– Global strategy and analytics team with multi-disciplinary skills set
– Unparalleled leadership driven solutions

Key Benefits:
– Decrease expenses through operational cost efficiencies
– Establish a data-driven culture
– Create new avenues for innovation and disruption
– Accelerate the speed with which new capabilities and services are deployed
– Launch new product, segment and service offerings
– Monetize and integrate Big Data and Analytics through increased revenues and new revenue sources
– Transform risk management and decision-making
– Re-brand and reposition your business for the future

Big data and analytics is only going to get bigger, and those companies that ignore it will be left further and further behind in the market cycle. Our key services are seamlessly integrated with wider paradigm of both industry and consulting services, include:
– Develop big data and advanced analytics strategies: to drive competitive advantage
– Deployment of big data and analytics support and solutions: for effective and efficient decision making to improve operations
– Define new definitions and results to organization: to built capabilities with unique methodologies and approach to change management
– De-risk business: for identifying and mitigating the risks
At Dinnovum, we believe a tremendous win-win for customers and businesses will come from big data and analytics. As the leading global information technology driven services company providing data and analytical solutions to clients around the world to manage risk, prevent fraud, market across industries, and automate decisions, we are uniquely positioned to provide solutions to consumers and business interact in trusted, value driven and more meaningful ways.


8 Kikuyu Road,
Sunninghill, Sandton 2191,
South Africa


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