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Governments and public service organizations throughout the world have a rapidly growing body of ever more detailed data about the regions they serve. Yet this information is frequently not shared among departments, nor applied to improve a range of services. Rigid organizational structures mean that many projects—involving streets, sanitation and utility repairs, for example—proceed on a piecemeal, department-by-department basis, lacking cross-functional perspectives that could save money and result in less disruption to residents.

As the government agencies strive for a meaningful digital transformation, it’s important not only to collect and store large data sets, but also to use that data when making mission-critical decisions. This growing use of so-called “big data” builds mounting pressure on government to use data analytics to turn all data into actionable information. Efficient use of data is the missing link between good governance and capacity building, where data insights can be gleaned to improve service delivery. Government also must look at the type and source of data being collected, stored, analyzed, and consumed, i.e. structured versus unstructured data.

The role of data is more significant than ever in public sector strategy, and is increasing helping government to meet the demands of the citizen as how, when and where they access the services. As government seek to gain a more complete data picture to deliver more responsive services, and keep up with the relentless pace of private sector innovation, the issue of trust between the government and citizen plays an important role than ever before.

Governments have the opportunity to make a more transparent and persuasive case for data sharing to deliver more personalized services to citizens. The opening, co-mingling, and sharing of government data across agencies is essential for creating a foundation in which big data insights can be derived.

Key Application Areas:

  • Citizens Data Base/Biometric
  • Smart Cities
  • Citizen Security
  • Cyber Security
  • Government Sponsored Healthcare & Life Sciences
  • Training Civil Services
  • Taxation

The era of big data analytics promises to improve government productivity through use of advanced tools to derive insight from growing sources of information. DInnovum solutions can deliver meaningful results through a deep understanding of issues, an intimate appreciation of how the public sector works, and global and local insight into the cultural, social and political environment. DInnovum brings an innovative solution but practical approach to problem solving that reflects the keen understanding of public sector operating environment and relevant private sector insights to achieve sustainable results.


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