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The Fourth Industrial Revolution, builds on the others; it is characterized by a fusion of technologies that is blurring the boundaries between the physical, digital, and even biological spheres. The speed of current breakthroughs is unprecedented, evolving at a non-linear rate, and their impact can be felt across countries and industries as they transform entire systems of production, management and governance. Given the link between the cloud and big data, AI and big data analytics and the data and analysis aspects of the Internet of Things (IoT) with a clear connection between analytics, AI and IoT, it isn’t really a surprise that, just as is the case with IoT, AI, cloud and so forth there is great interest in growth and applications of big data universe. From big data software and services to infrastructure and analytics the big data industry is alive and well. Yet, at the same time it’s changing. The big data technology and services market is expected to reach $57 billion by 2020.

Are You Set Up to Achieve Your Big Data Vision?

The big data capabilities in recent times, that companies are pursuing are being developed ad hoc. Additionally, it has been found that businesses are taking a scattershot approach to choosing big data initiatives. A scattershot approach develops initiatives in an unconnected and decentralized way. When companies pursue opportunities in a one-off way, their capabilities develop in a similar manner. Most of the business units often do not know about—and thus are not able to take advantage of data related resources, talent, or insights developed by other business units. The initiatives might be successful, but companies risk missing big opportunities or worse, ceding them to competitors.

Companies can change their game plan, however. By taking a focused approach, businesses can home in on the initiatives that, one by one, will deliver the value of big data and, at the same time, build their capabilities in a coordinated way. Then by accelerating—developing initiatives and capabilities with greater speed and agility—companies can quickly see results, gain experience, and apply the lessons learned.

Focusing and accelerating can sharpen and deliver a big data vision. Yet the survey suggested that many companies have not set the stage for proceeding in this way. That’s something that can—and must—change. Big data is at an inflection point, and businesses can’t afford to be behind the curve. With so many ways to put data to work, it is crucial for companies to prioritize opportunities. This means assessing the potential benefits of each big data initiative as well as the feasibility. Looking at both areas is crucial: projects may shoot for the moon, but without the right capabilities in place to achieve them, they’ll fall into an abyss.

Companies should focus on realizing business projects, leveraging the technologies and big data they have and need, to get the results they want, with a clear ROI. The future of big data and analytics supported by DInnovum allows organizations across industries and verticals to instantly mine these data stores for machine learning and other real-time applications.

Big Data Adoption

We at DInnovum, see a future where Hadoop…..Other technology name and related technologies will manage all of the world’s data. Over all, it’s about All Data, not just Big Data, but All Data – data from every endpoint, person, device, click, swipe, server log and stream that can be collected, conducted and curated to deliver actionable intelligence for every business decision making. No matter where you are on your journey cycle—whether you are just getting started, developing a cohesive data strategy, or turbocharging your existing investments—DInnovum can help you generate a step change in your return on data.


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