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Big data and cloud technology is touching every industry and every individual in some way, from IT professionals and business leaders to the customers they serve. Companies must understand what insights they need in order to make good strategic and operational decisions. For companies that can transform and manage it, data represents a huge opportunity as a source of competitive advantage and should be leveraged as such. With big data, it has become possible to build an architecture which can integrate massive volumes of data in various formats and provide real-time analytics aimed at a consolidated customer view, or improved fraud detection and other similar business goals.

The field of big data is evolving rapidly, and organizations cannot ignore the benefits. At the same time, they must look carefully at the way they use the data to ensure they are controlling the new opportunities while managing the new risks. Part of the challenge for organizations in successfully executing a big data strategy is to develop sound fundamentals that are flexible enough to address the organization’s data requirements of today and tomorrow.

DInnovum’s strategy compass will guide enterprise leaders in developing a comprehensive business analytics strategy and provide unique frameworks and models by building out the analytic spectrum to encompass descriptive, diagnostic, predictive and prescriptive analytics. The strategy includes vision and values, critical success factors, high-level metrics of success, a current state and a future state. The programmatic framework includes detailed roles and responsibilities, detailed metrics, and governance.

“Be ready to react and take advantage of important new trends and technologies. Make sure that you, and not your competitors, come out ahead next year.”

The Internet of Things (IOT) will integrate with enterprise applications. The impact will be felt not only in the business world, but also in the exponential growth of smart city and smart nation projects across the globe. The enterprise must simplify IoT application development and quickly integrate this data with business applications.

The era of ubiquitous machine learning has arrived, will impact how both corporations and governments conduct their business. The ability to apply machine learning to vast amounts of data is greatly increasing its importance and wider adoption. In a business environment that constantly and rapidly changes, future prediction becomes more important than the simple visualization of historical or current perspectives. For effective future prediction, data analysis using statistical and predictive modeling techniques may be applied to enhance and support the organization’s business strategy. The collection and aggregation of big data, and other information from outside the enterprise, enables the business to develop their own analytic capacity and capability, which for many years has only been available to a few larger organizations.

“Enterprises which can optimize data and analytics insights to change the way they operate or to improve their products and services are twice as likely to be in the top quartile of financial performance within their respective industries.”

Big data and analytics are essential for companies & enterprises to create new business models, discover new consumer insights, opti¬mize channel relationships, and create marketing efficiencies through better targeting and in improve¬ments in managing campaigns and tracking success and ultimately to truly become customer-centric. Using big data, companies have the potential to better identify “hidden” risk and allow better root cause analysis. DInnovum adopts a comprehensive and holistic approach to data dynamics and integrates it into success driven methodologies and tools specific to enterprise solution. In a wider horizon, DInnovum’s strategy & advisory services is a guideline for the organizations activity and as a starting point for creating action plans for its teams, collaborative actions and planning with their peers, and recommendations for their stakeholders. By blending new data sources with real-time analytics and behavioral inputs, enterprises can develop into a new breed of cloud applications capable of adapting and learning on the fly.

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