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Big Data is a larger solution area with its attendant software, tools, approaches and dynamics in processing and analysis of larger volumes of both structured and unstructured data. The large data quantity may be from within the specific enterprise or general/ public sources or even private sources. The data is also diverse, coming from emails, social media, transaction data, customer interaction, M2M, web logs, click streams, retail sensors, audio or video feeds or any other transactional or operational source.

“Big data is high-volume, high-velocity and high-variety information assets that demand cost-effective, innovative forms of information processing for enhanced insight and decision making.” – Gartner

A fourth parameter in recent times added to it is high veracity. Hence, Big Data is typically characterized by the four “V’s”:

The importance, scope and possibilities associated with Big Data & Analytics points to a wide range of applications and opportunities in different business sectors and verticals such as retail, banking, hospitality, media, utilities, financial services, healthcare and pharmaceutical, telecommunications, government, security, and e-business. Big Data analytics present a major competitive advantage for businesses since these can be used to derive predictions and actionable insights that can lead to better decision making and improved business operations.

The modern cost effective and advanced technologies like NoSQL databases and MapReduce/ Hadoop and Apache Spark frameworks play an important part in Big Data and its analytics. Big Data brings with it the element of high frequency of data capture on a near real-time/real-time basis, which brings new challenges and opportunities with respect to data management and reporting.

Big Data has brought with it the capability to glean unstructured data including social media interaction, searches, Web text, transactional and operational data that has seen data growing beyond petabyte levels. Analytics uses Big Data for help with strategies in the context of patterns, context related intelligence and real time continuous data updates. The next step in this flow is that of process changes in business, which requires integration at a system level, doing away with manual processes that do not allow real time reactions.

Big Data attains completeness only when it is analyzed, insights derived and used in the enterprise. This brings in Analytics as a means to work on the large quantities of data and make it contextually relevant. This makes analytics the next step after Big Data and a few steps ahead of Business Intelligence as typically referred in the conventional sense.

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