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Companies are looking for set of leaders who can operate as “master change agents” within their ecosystem. These leaders must sponsor and deliver a cohesive set of business-relevant capabilities across all channels, sources and uses of information, in order to increase the yield on information investments and leverage the new economics of information. Big data has come about at three main levels-variety, volume and velocity. The technology in the form of Big Data Analytics is providing a better alternative by making the assumptions obsolete. Big Data Applications represents a fundamental shift in collecting data, accessing data, storing data, analyzing it and acting on the insights derived from data. It doesn’t try to get “right” information based on controlled research and small samples, but allows for changes en route and is more suited for a dynamic environment where real world information is used all the time to steer the course. Digital revenue (analytics and data-driven) is more capital-efficient than analog revenue. DInnovum Big Data solutions form an ecosystem rather than being specific point solutions. It consists of the following:

– Big Data/Information management and storage with data storage infrastructure and technologies for handling data
– Big Data analytics technologies and tools that help to analyze data and derive insights from it
– Big Data applications that are used in relation to enabling insights from these technologies in conjunction with BI and other
– IT services specific to Big Data systems -SI, project management, and design

DInnovum Big Data enterprise application has the capability to balance between structured and unstructured data, combining multiple data sources with the capacity to accurately account for differences in granularity, velocity of changes, lifespan, perishability and dependencies of participating datasets. Business analytics use data derived from facts to measure past performance, and helps in foreseeing and forestalling small problems becoming big problems. Dinnovum solutions can assist enterprises to use their data set to gain an advantage and be successful in the dynamic marketplace and a structural transformation in enterprise management. Also, DInnovum solutions can help the companies to leverage their products for next generation service assurance and customer experience management and for adjacent markets in the industrial Internet of Things.

DInnovum is well positioned to capitalize the huge potential across various industry verticals as a key provider of next generation operational intelligence by way of leveraging its platform and expertise to deliver analytics applications to meet many market needs and specific market use cases. It’s software, platforms, and infrastructure as a whole benefits from the latest data science tools. The analytics platform offered by DInnovum integrates Hadoop, batch processing, streaming analytics, columnar databases, including its comprehensive connectors and APIs. The major advantage of its platform offering is its capability to be embedded in the applications of the CSPs & MSOs and adding a holistic analytics layer to enhance operations. In addition, DInnovum’s unparalleled approach of blending business and operational data affords them many future opportunities such as capturing a share of the Customer Experience Management (CEM) market and the emerging critical area of Security Analytics (SA), which we believe will be of particular importance with the Internet of Things arena. DInnovum is constantly helping many global organizations to successfully deploy the right people, processes and technologies around data issues and solutions. DInnovum is making great strides in Big Data Analytics and will surely represent the forbearers of many great solutions yet to come.

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We are proud to provide our technology expertise in all of the major Big data technologies. We are partners of many Big data providers in multiple geographies.



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