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DInnovum is strategic advisors and premier global provider in Big Data and Analytics to Fortune 1000 business and technology executives and industry leaders. DInnovum understands the technical elements crucial to facilities and provides strategic insights to help clients in achieving their key business objectives. Data is at the heart of every business and one of its most important assets. Data-in-motion and data-at-rest. Data that is real time, predictive, streaming, structured, unstructured, mission-critical and everything in between.

We are passionate about helping businesses to unlock your potential for growth by unlocking the data you hold so that you can make strategic decisions to decrease your expenses and increase your revenues.
"Digest and synthesize data to create milestones in your business."

#01 – The Dive

We always dive right into the project as you would want to finish it as early as possible. As we have deep industry expertise we first get to know of the business objectives you’d like to achieve. We would then agree those with you so that we can get things done.

#02 – The Design

With the requirements defined we now create the design using industry standard best practices. Using this strategy we lay the foundation of not just reusable contents but also the one your users would use.

#03 – The Delivery

Delivery is always critical. With this in mind we would tie up all the loose ends which would often include working internal IT teams to bring the designs to fruition. By providing close support during UAT and beyond we unsure there is a seamless transition.

Consulting Services

We deliver an end-to-end and hands-off approach to our Consulting Services backed by our no quibble guarantee.

Support Services

Our support is always 24/7 for critical systems and are monitored from our South Africa and India development centers. We often over exceed our committed SLA.

Cloud Deployment

We have partnered with almost all cloud providers and can deploy your solution to any of cloud of your choice.

Industry Partners

We are proud to provide our technology expertise in all of the major Big data technologies. We are partners of many Big data providers in multiple geographies.

Our Industry Expertise

Banking & Financial Services

One of the key values of the banking industry has been its ‘Customer-Focused’ mindset, but in the new era, the trend is moving to being ‘Customer-Centric’
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Energy & Utlities

Big Data in the utilities sector can only get even bigger as the transformation of the industry accelerates.
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Logistics & Supply Chain

The logistics sector is ideally placed to benefit from the technological and methodological advancements of Big Data.

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Government & Public Sector

The growing use of so-called “big data” builds mounting pressure on government to use data analytics to turn all data into actionable information.
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At Dinnovum we make it easy to resolve your big data  issues by providing you a World Class service with a clear timeline so that you can focus your efforts on what you do best
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Technology Partners


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